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Ryan McHugh | B.S. Kinesiology | University of North Texas

Owner – NexGen Fitness North Frisco


Rachael Pius | NCSF-CPT

Studio Manager | Certified Personal Trainer

Rachael has been a sports and fitness enthusiast her entire life. Playing various sports at an early age, it was her commitment to ice hockey that led her to be recruited to play NCAA women’s ice hockey in New Hampshire, where she studied nutrition and athletic training. Rachael is certified by NCSF with 5 years of personal training experience, as well as experience training athletes and coaching youth ice hockey. Rachael enjoys everything about personal training and excels at customizing a plan to help everyone, no matter their age or ability, achieve their health and fitness goals. “This is truly my life passion!”

Carly Quinlan | ACE-CPT

Certified Personal Trainer

Carly is a Pennsylvania native who has always had an active lifestyle. She played multiple sports growing up, including lacrosse at Allegheny College. After graduating in 2014, her enthusiasm for athletics continued by running a marathon and most recently- competing in powerlifting. An ACE Certified Personal Trainer with specialization in strength training, weight loss, sports performance and fitness nutrition, Carly believes that working out should be FUN! With her upbeat training style and supportive attitude, she encourages healthy habits and ensures her clients are safely performing exercises that will help them reach their fitness goals.

Michael Davis | NASM-CPT

Certified Personal Trainer

Michael began his fitness career in high school when he played football and began powerlifting in USAPL (USA Powerlifting) regulated competitions. Michael reached his goals in powerlifting and decided to set his eyes on competing in a Men’s Physique bodybuilding competition. He is a very driven trainer and that carries over into his session. After becoming a certified Personal Trainer through ACE ( American Council on Exercise) his goal has become to make sure that each and every one of the people that he trains receives the proper training and knowledge that allows them to reach their goals.

Jason Robinson | AFFA-CPT | NASM-SSC | ISSA-SNC | USAW-L1

Certified Personal Trainer

Jason strives to be a big influence in the strength world. His desire is to train athletes at the highest level, help them achieve peak performance, and grow to reach their own potential. Jason is certified through the NASM Sports Specialist Certification, ISSA Sports Nutrition Certification and has completed his USA Weightlifting Level 1 certification (USAW-L1) AFFA Personal Trainer Certification. On weekdays, you can find Jason either coaching, or in the weight room training to one day compete as a power lifter. On weekends, you will find him watching sports, anime, playing video games, going to the gun range or searching for things to put in his collection.

Morgan Palmer | ACE-CPT

Certified Personal Trainer

Morgan has always had an active & healthy lifestyle! She started out as a cheerleader for 12 years & a cross country runner for 7 years. That was where she found her love for health & fitness & decided to study Dietetics & is currently completing her Dietetic Internship! Morgan is certified by ACE & has 4 years of personal training experience. Morgan loves the idea of combining exercise and eating foods that make you feel good! It’s all about BALANCE!!! Morgan will provide enthusiastic & efficient coaching that will help you reach your goals & become the best version of yourself.